Is SilverStripe a good alternative to Laravel ?

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Is SilverStripe a good alternative to Laravel ?

Hi All,

I was trying to understand SilverStripe difference between CMS and Framework. Is SilverStripe is a framework same as Laravel ? I mean no default admin panel, nothing …

They’re similar but not directly equivalent. SilverStripe does have a framework component, and that includes all kinds of functionality for database access, user sessions, http request / response, etc. (basically all the good things you’d expect from a framework).

The SilverStripe CMS system sits atop the framework and provides the content interfaces, asset admin, etc.

It’s possible to use the underlying framework (along with a few other modules) without using the CMS. So in that respect it is the most similar with a standalone framework like Laravel.

There are a number of composer ‘recipes’ which allow you to choose which components are installed by default. There are also then a large number of open-source add-ons available to extend the functionality.

Laravel and SilverStripe (framework) do share a lot of similarities in the way they hang together.

thanks for the reply. I see the hasMany things are similar with Laravel. I shall try to learn SilverStripe framework for next Web Application.

The SilverStripe ORM is one of the strongest features of the framework in my opinion, but there are a lot of very useful and powerful features built in if you need to use the CMS system as well.


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