Is this the right CMS for a non-developer?


Just what the topic says. I’m looking for a CMS to replace Wordpress for my artist portfolio site. I know some CSS and HTML, enough to change style choices without breaking things, so I like to be able to do that, but much more than that I need step by step instructions.

I tried to install Silverstripe 4.11.0 using Softcalculous in CPanel, and got this:

The following errors were found :

  • Required PHP extension not found : intl

I couldn’t find anything in the forums or documentation that addressed this directly, but I am seeing a lot of technical discussion that is way out of my depth.

I really just need something I can plug in and go, with a blog and some image galleries. I really want to be spending more time on the content than the site itself.

Is it worth trying to get past this and installing Silverstripe to see if it meets my needs? If not does anyone have any recommendations for something a bit more accessible?

Thanks in advance for any insight y’all can give me!

The error is just a missing requirement that you need to install or activate. Any software have requirements (WordPress included) and it is your (or your admin) responsibility to have them running.

That said, IMO the plain answer to the title question is “no”. Silverstripe can be used by non-PHP developers but at the very least you must be familiar with PHP administration tasks.

Sorry for the late response; somehow I missed the email notification that the post was approved an had been replied to.

Thanks for your response; I’ll look for something a bit more in line with my skill level :slight_smile: