Latest version of 3.x

I am using Docker locally to update my Website to v3.74 of SS. I have imported by database done a dev/build and flushed the cache.

When I open my webiste locally I get the default “Welcome to Silverstripe” page. I have checked the db and the content exists, the SiteConfig table has the correct theme set also - but no matter what I try I cannot view my site.

I tried changing my db credentials in my config.php and I get “website Error” so I know the db is correctly connected. Also when I login to the admin I cannot see the pages on the left hand menu.

What is the secret to solving this voodoo black magic.

Thanks in advance.

Can you see the three default pages (Home, About, Contact) you would get on a new site, or none at all?

I can see Security, Settings and Help plus two other Custom Menu Objects which I added.

Home, About and Contact are not there.


It kind of sounds like you have Framework installed but not CMS. Is that possible?

Yep that’s exactly the issue. I’m not sure how that happened and I feel like a real idiot now.

Thank you for your help!

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