Legacy project without composer

Silverstripe Version: --> I need to find out

Hi guys, I am very new to SS, I just inherited this legacy project which does not look great. I only have access to Prod and that might be causing some of the issues.

Firstly, there are no composer files. Is there a way of generating it from the existing files (kind of “pip freeze” in the Python world).

Or what would you recommend to “tidy up” and do proper version control of the project?

Any advise would be much appreciated, thanks!

If you don’t have a composer.json or composer.lock file, your next best bet is probably to look for an installed.json file in /vendor/composer/. That should hopefully tell you about all of the packages that have been installed, and you could manually create a composer.json file from the information there.

In terms of proper version control, you would want to commit your composer.json and composer.lock file in to the repo in future. The vendor directory and assets or resources directory should be excluded.