Lesson 0 for version 4.9 is out of date

I was following the Lesson 0 instructions for a new 4.9 installation to setup a local version of SilverStripe. I am taken aback to find that the section about using the installer is totally out of date and will no longer work since it has been removed from SilverStripe and now using the .env file is the way to go

Unfortunately the lessons are somewhat out of date as the Silverstripe framework has moved forward quite a lot through the 4.x branch.

The developer docs are generally updated with each release, and the API docs are always up-to-date if you need a code reference.

The more general documentation (like the lessons) do tend to lag behind, but there are plans in progress at the moment to provide current documentation on a range of topics.

I’ve been away from Silverstripe for years in anything other than maintenance of a couple of existing sites. I’ve just gone through the set of lessons as a refresh to see what I’d missed. While out of date, it was pretty quick and still useful.
Being so stale is very off-putting though, it makes Silverstripe feel like an abandoned project. I found going from 3.7 to 4.x is already less accessible for anybody starting out, this isn’t going to attract people to the platform.
I’d be happy to go through again and make revision notes for the lessons.
Uncle Cheese did a great job creating the lessons, but a refresh will certainly help.


Thanks bd-p, it’s useful to know about the possibility of further out of date parts in other lessons. I used the original Uncle Cheese lessons way back on the one previous project I worked on with SilverStripe and they were a massive help. You are right about the off putting effect though: the senior developer I am working with currently has never used SilverStripe before so this will stay with him

Thanks, it’s good to know of the plans to provide current documentation and that lessons might eventually get updated. I have switched to looking at the developer docs and I am able to make progress.

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