Logo Spinning after new install

hi there,

Ive been trying to install Silverstripe via composer on CentOS 7.6 for the last 2 days, first version 4.3 then 4.2.1 but always end up with js errors after I try to login. The install itself is very smoother & goes through without any errors but I see this in my browser:

Class ss.i18n not defined
(anonymous) @ en.js?m=1532959962:5

Ive attempted to add Requirements::set_combined_files_enabled(false); to _config.php as per this post

but Im not sure which one to add it to, i have this many


and they all fail except the last one with:

ERROR [Emergency]: Uncaught Error: Class 'Requirements' not found
IN GET dev/build?flushtoken=

So totally lost atm, any help would be appreciated.


Definitely not any of the files in the vendor directory. You don’t want to edit any of them.
The error message is probably caused by the lack of a use statement in the file. (use SilverStripe\View\Requirements; at the top)

Thanks for the reply, I’ve managed to get it working (installed via composer) on Ubuntu with no issues. We will be binning CentOS and moving ahead with Ubuntu.

Thanks again