Maintainers wanted for SilverStripe PHPStorm Plugin!

Module link!

To copy-paste from the dev mailing list:

Hey Folks,

There was a question asked on here about what IDE people use for their development and the clear majority was PHPstorm - This is great but what also became apparent is the number of issues the only SilverStripe plugin for PHPstorm has.


Marcus Dalgren (the original developer) chimed in and the effective answer was that he doesn’t have the time to maintain it - nor does he work with SilverStripe anymore so he’s looking for someone to take over the plugin.

The biggest caveat of course is that the plugins are written in Java and we’re all PHP developers!

Things to Know

Don’t have enough time to maintain it?

No problem, I wouldn’t mind maintaining the repository - handling pull requests, bug reports, and fixing what I can. We just need help to get the Jflex syntax right.

Ideally we would like to build a team of developers on it rather than just one or two devs to avoid this situation in the future.

So if anyone thinks they could help out, or knows someone who could let’s get some buzz going and make developing in our most popular IDE as awesome as it can be.