Manifest cache log error

Silverstripe Version: 4.13


After saving a page in the CMS (mac OS in dev mode), I’m getting the following error on every page.

manifestcache-log.WARNING: Failed to save values. {"keys":["__CACHE__"],"exception":null} []

It prevents any navigation within the CMS and causes a parse error. How do I clear this message? I’ve got SS_ERROR_LOG = “silverstripe.log” set in .env, but nothing appears in it (yet it records other errors just fine). I’ve tried clearing the cache, to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’ve tried following the instructions here:
but I simply cannot clear the error. It’s a real nuisance and prevents to CMS being used properly.

Ok, so after a lot of fiddling around, found that adding the following to .env fixed the problem:

SS_MANIFESTCACHE = "Symfony\Component\Cache\Simple\PhpFilesCache"

Not sure if this is the best or only way to do this, but hopefully it helps someone else with the same annoying issue.

Just to clear up the confusion about that - the main error logger isn’t available until after the manifest has finished being set up, which is why no errors are logged there for you.

The manifestcache-log logger logs directly to php://output in dev mode, and uses Monolog’s Monolog\Handler\ErrorLogHandler (which uses error_log) in other modes.

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