Many 404s on CMS assets

I maintain a site that is currrently on 3.6. Investigating some quirks in the cms functionality I have noticed there are a lot of 404s on assets in the /admin area. Some icons are missing and things like the Link dialog are not fully functional.

I’ve tried rolling it back a few commits, comparing the htaccess to a fresh ss3 install. What might have gone wrong here? 3.6, php 7.1. Running LAMP on OSX locally and LAMP on Linux for staging, errors are the same on each.

When I had this (on 4.1) it was because the /public/resources/ folder was ignored. There is a vendor/silverstripe directory in there which seems to be missing for you.

Thanks, but I don’t think this is it.

I’ve traced the link dialog issue to a different problem, but the images are still missing

for eg . on the broken site, the path it’s trying to load the missing image is:

where on a different site also running 3.x the image is not 404 and the path is:

So, it’s just looking in the wrong place.

Not sure if this is related, but I have the following error in the silverstripe.log both on front end and admin

[07-Aug-2018 21:21:31] DEBUG at framework/control/HTTP.php line 414: Call to privateCache() didn’t execute as it’s lower priority than a previous call (/Security/LoginForm)
[07-Aug-2018 21:21:32] DEBUG at framework/control/HTTP.php line 393: Call to disableCache() didn’t execute as it’s lower priority than a previous call (/admin/dashboard)

Those log errors are fixed by downgrading to 3.6.6 instead of 3.7.1, but the images are still missing. So thats an unrelated SS bug

On 4.1 at least none of those are the real URL’s as .htaccess reroutes them. Are those .htaccess files as they should be?

For example I find that spinner image in /public/resources/vendor/silverstripe/admin/client/dist/images/

I tracked this down to the minification module. Removing it fixes the issue. At some point it became incompatible. Possibly it just needed updating but for now I’ve removed it as it’s not vital.