many_many_extraFields is not working on dataextension

I am trying to create extrafeild on many-many relation, using dataextension as mentioned on the below link, but the extra fields defined in many_many_extraFields are not getting auto generated on ‘Member_Communities’ table.

While many_many_extraFields does work on custom dataobjects.

Looks fine to me. How did you apply the extension?

# mysite/_config/mysite.yml

    - SilverStripe\Lessons\MyMemberExtension

Member_Communities table gets generated but missing Sort & Location feilds

Other than then indentation, this looks fine as well. Did you do a dev/build. Also, make sure both classes (extension and Community) are in separate files.

Yes, they are in seperate files

The $many_many_extraFields should also be a private static, not public.


thank you for finding the bug in my code