Migrating from Silverstripe, replicate SilverStripe Auth in Node

Just looking for advice really.

I have a website I’ve been maintaining for a long time, built in SilverStripe 3, but I’ve barely touched PHP in years as I’ve been working purely on Front end tech.

The website now barely uses any of the SilverStripe framework, it’s almost all a single page JavaScript app. The only page it uses is the log in form, and another ‘page’ that returns JSON data for the SPA to consume.

So what I’m wondering if I could replicate the authentication in Node. Eg create an authentication end point in Node that lets the users keep the same email/password.

Has anyone got any pointers?

As you said website barely uses SilverStripe framework, you can replicate the authentication in Node.

Thanks - that’s what I think I’ll be aiming for. I’ve started to look at the SilverStripe code for checking username / password against the stored password, but not made much progress so far.

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