Module not installed in vendor folder

Hi, I’m trying to publish my first module on GitHub, been able to get it on Packagist and installing via composer, though it’s being installed in the root directory instead of the vendor.

I tried “composer config vendor-dir” and the answer was “vendor”. Other modules install properly in the vendor directory so it doesn’t seem to be a composer issue.

In case you want to check it’s this one:

If I install the main branch, it works fine:

composer require digitweaks/silvershop-product-images:dev-main

If I install the v4.0 tag, it does what you describe above:

composer require digitweaks/silvershop-product-images:v4.0

Note that in your main branch you correctly use silverstripe-vendormodule as the package type, but in the v4.0 tag you’ve got the Silverstripe CMS 3 package type silverstripe-module (you actually have both in that tag - but the latter of the two is used which is the CMS 3 one)

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Ok, thanks for your insight, I will fix it asap