NEED contacts for Siverstripe work

Hi all,
Not sure if this is corect place to post this but i would like to know if there is someway to find SIlverstripe developer or how i should call that.

We have already website made in a Silverstripe and would love to implement new design now, we got design finished.

What we are looking for is agency or someone who is registrated and can show his portfolio due its a business page. We would also like if possible that you could follow us and do update or changes in the future too.

Thank you and apologise one more time if this is not right place


Where in the world are you? If you can provide a bit of info, it’ll help the right people get in touch.

There are some useful developer / agency contacts here on S2 hub: Service Providers

The old developer directory might help, but it’s very out of date these days.