Need help, new to this program

Silverstripe Version: - I’m new to the company so I don’t know what version they are using or how I find out. I’m with Gemini Industries

I need to do a couple things (1) I need to change the email contact for the request access (I need to change it from Sue Schaeffer to myself) and (2) I need to remove a “coming soon” banner from my main page. How can I do either of these? Thank you for your help. Nancee

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// Include any relevant code. If you have a lot of code, link to a gist instead.


These sound like questions which may be specific to your site, rather than more general development questions. Are you in touch with the person who built it? They would probably be the first port of call.

Thank you. I have no idea because I am not a programmer, I’m just trying to make these couple of changes and I don’t have a support person that I can contact directly to help me so I was hoping this option would work. I’m thinking this help section is for programming issues only, which my question is not. I’m sorry to be wasting everyone’s time in this group :0). Have a great day and I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy.

Hi @hornbl you’re welcome to ask questions here :slight_smile: it’s just hard for us to answer these particular questions because the answer depends on how the developer of your website implemented those features.

I had a quick look at your website and it looks to me like there would need to be some small changes made to the code to do what you want.

If you’re out of touch with the original developer you might like to browse the Silverstripe developer directory, you might be able to find someone local or at least in your time zone who can help you out. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to me for a chat.