New SliverStripe user | Inputing script forms


Hopefully I can find some answers here. My company took on a site that was built by another company and they used silverstripe for the project. The client now wants us to input a few diffrent Sharp Spring marketing forms into a few diffrent pages. Is there a way to copy and past the form inside the CMS ? I can paste it in a site that is hard coded and it pops right up.

Depends on a few factors:

  • What code do you have for the forms? Is it HTML, Javascript, etc. ?
  • How is the site built? Do you have just a WYSIWYG editor in the CMS or do you have content blocks, etc.?

Sorry, the code is a javascript script tag and I am trying to put into the body content in the CMS. Where you build out the contents of your body / page. I am unsure of what editor they have in the CMS or if there is one at all.