New to SilverStripe - Migration to different server issue

Silverstripe Version:

I am new to SilverStripe. I have been using Joomla and Wordpress in the past.

I have installed SilverStripe on a Windows 2016 IIS Server running MYSQL. The standard Silverstripe install seemed to work and display as expected.

However I have copied over the standard install to setup a silverstripe site that was developed on another computer. This site is to only be used internally on our network with no public access.

The database rebuild seemed to complete successfully after the copy. The database is now present in MySQL Server.

The SilverStripe admin windows appears to look normal. However once you log in. The site looks like a plain HTML site with no formatting or graphics.

I have uploaded a screenshot below (hopefully). Can anyone advise on what I have missed or need to change to correct.

I have tried flushing the cache. Using IIS 7 on Windows Server 2016. Thanks

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What do the error logs tell you? How about the browser errors?

It could be that some assets are missing, or not accessible, or something else. Some error messages might give a hint as to where the problem lies.