newbie question - i don't have a mysite folder by default in root directory

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I just began learning silverstripe today and i’m confused on the part of creating your first project in Silverstripe. After installing it in my wamp server, i did not get a mysite folder which is a project directory in the root directory. Is that something that happens by default after installing or do you need to create one manually? sorry for being a noob

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Hi as of Silverstripe 4.1 the ‘mysite’ directory is replaced with an ‘app’ directory. I guess the lessons weren’t updated?

thank you! yes i think they changed the name of the folder from “mysite” to “app” where the configs and yml files are located. now im stucked at the file where the page keeps loading the “Hello, world!” template from the file even if im trying to go to my static html page which has a url path of localhost/themes/u-mart/static/homepage.html. i did flush the cache many times but it didn’t work.

Im also a beginner and it sucks that I can’t understand their tutorial because the lessons are not updated like the software. Is there any website that have decent tutorial for silverstripe? thanks

They havent uploaded tutorial videos for the new silverstripe version. I guess they are currently working on it. However, you can read the tutorial on their website instead that works for the latest version. It may seem confusing at first but you will get through it as long as your following the instructions. Also, you are free to ask questions here. People here are always willing to help. Link to 1st lesson.

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@lmnlis You shall put your static html file under public folder


dude can you guide me or teach me? thank you

and is the tutorial uploaded is for version 3 and can i download the old version instead? thanks for the informations

i believe the previous versions are still available and can be downloaded on their website. below is the link.