Omnipay / SilverShop with Stripe Payment Intents

Silverstripe Version: 4.6.0

I’ve got a SilverShop setup with Omnipay and the relevant Stripe library included via composer.

What I’m struggling with at the moment is how on earth I connect the dots and make it so the user can actually pay using payment intents?

I notice the only config option is for the secret key, so I’m assuming that the front facing side of things needs to be implemented by me. If that’s the case, any pointers on where to start? For example, does it have to be done a certain way to be picked up correctly?

If anyone has any examples they would be willing to share, that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance

I have the same issue, did you find a way to solve this?

Anyone have any ideas about payment intent implementation seems an extension would be good for silvershop!!

Hi, GitHub - xini/silverstripe-silvershop-stripe has now PaymentIntent integration.

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