Orphans of the DOAP SS3 Module - SS4 Conversion Best Practice?

Silverstripe Version: 4.2.1


I am in the process of converting a large SS3 website to SS4. I’ve got it booting up and managed to get the main templates up and running, assets converted (1GB worth) and I’ve upgraded a few of the site classes over (there are 50+ though) by working on one site area at a time until that section fully works.

Sections that use DataObjects and were managed with Gridfields are working great. I have the upgrade process for those sorted. It’s beginning to look like an SS4 upgrade is possible.

What I have a big problem with is working out what the best thing to do with the several large sections of the site that used the DOAP (DataObject as Page) module in SS3.

The biggest is the News section but I have 5 site areas that use DOAP in various ways to convert.

The main DataObjectAsPage table looks a lot like a re-hash of the SiteTree table.

Would that be the best approach? To manually write a SQL script (with trial and error) until all of the NewsItem data becomes SiteTree data with the right Class and PartentID (set it to a new News Holder Page in the SiteTree).

Then setup Lumberjack to manage the NewsItem Page class in the CMS? (I’m about to setup my first Limberjack test to see how that works). If I set the new section up as a clone of the old News Items + News Page holder in SiteTree until it has all the same fields I can then push over the old data into the right fields hopefully.

Or is there another way? A better one?

What have other people done who used the DOAP module?

Looking for best practice really.