Page ID extraction

Silverstripe Version:

Version 4.6
CWP 2.6


What’s the easiest way of extracting all the page IDs and the relevant URLs and Page Titles associated with the ID?

Ideally in a CSV file or something that I can use to map to a new navigation.

Are there any reports I can run?

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You can create a custom report, to use in the CMS. There is also an option to ‘Export as CSV’.

Save this file PageReport.php in your app/src folder:


use SilverStripe\CMS\Model\SiteTree;
use SilverStripe\Reports\Report;

class PageReport extends Report
    public function title()
        return 'All pages';
    public function sourceRecords($params = null)
        return SiteTree::get();
    public function columns()
        return array(
          "ID"           => array(
            "title" => "ID",
            "link"  => true,
          "Title"        => array(
            "title" => "Title",
            "link"  => true,
          "AbsoluteLink" => array(
            "title" => "URL",
            "link"  => false,