passing variables in template

Silverstripe 4.2.1

Is it possible to pass an expression to a template?

I have a piece of HTML code that is displaying a string which is translated with Fluent. So I need to get the translated string first in order to pass it to the template. My problem is that I can’t get this to work. Maybe this is not possible?

I have tested this:
<% include fileToInclude arg0=<%t namespace.title "default" %> %>

I have also tested this:
<% include fileToInclude arg0=namespace.title, arg1="default" %>
and then try to use them as this in the included file:
<%t $arg0 $arg1 %> without any success.

I wouldn’t expect the first example to work but I’d have thought the second might. If you just try to output $arg0 and $arg1 to the template instead of passing it to the translate method is anything rendered? Perhaps you need to write arg0="namespace.title"?

No, that does not work either.