PHP warning on session object, session being destroyed - admin kicked out of CMS

Silverstripe Version:


Hey Guys,

One of my clients has recently been getting kicked out of the CMS when working with adding new images to a product object. The session seems to be destroyed for some reason… This is a process that has usually been successful up until recently.
Checking the error logs i’m finding the following warning:

PHP Warning: session_start(): Failed to decode session object. Session has been destroyed in …/framework/control/Session.php on line 382

Has anyone experienced this before?
Any idea why this might be starting to happen now?

Thanks in advance,


If you’re on managed hosting, they’d be the first port of call. The underlying cause could be all kinds of things, but they’re all usually centred around PHP’s inability to create or find session data.

My gut says that this isn’t a SilverStripe issue as such, but something in the underlying infrastructure. (Disk space, inodes, permissions, weird encoding problems, memory, etc, etc.)

Thanks for your reply DorsetDigital.

I’ll try the hosting support and see how I get on.
Will keep you / others posted if we uncover a solid cause / resolution.


Hi Guys,

So after some server side testing by the hosting company they could not identify any issues from their side.

I then decided to run a Silverstripe Update - going from SS 3.6.3 to 3.7.3, also updating a large number of modules etc.

Monitoring the website for a few days after the change there have been no further session issues, so the update seems to have done the trick.