Planned security patches?


I am hoping to find out if there are any security patches planned for release within the next 30 days. Would someone be able to provide any information on this? We are trying to plan out our maintenance and upgrade path.


I don’t have an official line, but 4.3 was just released last week, so that would have covered a lot of things. I’d expect that in the absence of a really critical issue coming out of left field, there won’t be another release within the next month.

@dastrong it might be helpful if you mentioned which version of SS (3.x or 4.x) this question relates to.


We are currently on version 3.6.6. Thanks for the info DorsetDigital!


@dastrong I cannot comment for the official line either, but 3.7 has now been out for some time. Any future security patches will be added to the 3.7.x (or higher) version. I would recommend probably trying to upgrade to the latest 3.7.x before worrying about future security releases.