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Silverstripe Version: - Where do I find the version in the back end? - Seems to be an old version and most of it is in German.

How to create a pop-up window?

Due to the topic of data protection I would like to create a pop-up window to explain to the user that we are using cookies (as you see at many pages now especialle on the mobile friendly ones). The user only needs to accept and the window should disappear. This pop-up window should appear at the first page the user is visiting on the pag,e no matter which one but do not appear again afterwards.

Can you help me how to create such page?

Thank you,

Try hovering over the SilverStripe logo in the top-left of the CMS. This might show you the version number. Otherwise, there may be a file in the framework directory called silverstripe-version which may contain it.

In terms of the second question, have a look here: Add-ons ยท SilverStripe Add-ons

There are a number of add-ons which may do what you need. No point in re-inventing the wheel :wink: