Pre-annoncing Silverstripe CMS 4.6.0-beta1

The Silverstripe CMS Squad will be releasing Silverstripe CMS 4.6.0-beta1 on Tuesday May 26th. This will also mark the feature freeze for the Silverstripe CMS 4.6 release. No new features will be added to the 4.6.0 release from this point. Bug fixes are allowed.

The 4.6.0-beta1 release is not stable and will likely contain bugs. The purpose of this release is to help the Silverstripe CMS squad and the Silverstripe community identify and fix bugs prior to the stable release. The beta period will go on for about 4 weeks followed by a published release candidate.

Visit the Silverstripe CMS release documentation to understand this process in detail…

The stable 4.6.0 release is scheduled for June-end/early-July.

What will be new in 4.6.0

A detailed changelog will be provided along with the 4.6.0-beta1 release.

These are some of the high level changes that will be included in the 4.6.0 release:

  • The insert media modal will now allow you to edit files directly
  • silverstripe/mimevalidator will now be part of silverstripe/recipe-core
  • MySQL tables are auto-converted from MyISAM to InnoDB
  • Official PHP 7.4 support
  • Tweaks to the file status icons in the asset-admin area

Supported module updates

Supported modules will also receive an update when 4.6.0 is released. However, we won’t be providing an official beta release for supported modules. You can still test supported modules by installing the latest development branch.

Some key change to highlight include:

  • PHP 7.2+ support for silverstripe/realme
  • Improved UI when creating file upload fields in silverstripe/userforms

You can help testing the beta

Please consider taking some time to install the beta release and report bugs on Github.

This is a relatively new process for us. We haven’t put out formal betas for previous minor releases. We welcome feedback and suggestions on how we could improve future beta releases.