Proposal: Treat FLoC like a security concern

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It seems that Wordpress will add this as a standard: Proposal: Treat FLoC like a security concern – Make WordPress Core
The article also refers to this one: Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea | Electronic Frontier Foundation

This might be of interest

Perfect, Thank you!
This implemented as a standard in Silverstripe would be good to make more people aware of it.

That sounds more like an ethical/moral question to me than a security/technical one. That does not mean that it’s unimportant.

But if we go out and start looking for moral dilemmas to redress, we’re probably going to find a lots of them. Those are difficult questions to adjudicate. e.g. Should we try to make it difficult for authoritarian governments to use Silverstripe CMS to track their citizen? Should we make it easier for law enforcement to break into Silverstripe CMS to retrieve evidence of crimes? Should we support DRM solutions out of the box … or maybe we should try to block them?

As a vendor, I would rather we remain agnostic on what technology site owners and users can use with Silverstripe CMS. If we decide to block/discourage a specific technology for security reason, it should be because it is inherently vulnerable to be misused by malicious actors (e.g. Flash) … not because we disagree with the specific aim of the technology or its creators.

As @DorsetDigital mentioned, there’s already a module to block FLoC, so people have an easy way to opt-out if they have concerns.

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