Provide a way to manually pull in translations

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Overview: Provide a way to manually pull in translations without requiring a stable tag
Context: We currently only tagged release of most module once a quarter. That might not include older patch branches either. This means there can be quite a bit of lead time between a translation string being added to transifex and it being installable in projects.

Disclaimer: This is highly speculative. Don’t assume that any of ideas discuss here we’ll be implemented any time soon. I’m just asking questions.

I’m curious what the current experience is for projects using the CMS in a language other than English? I suspect this is currently far from great.

Normally, we’ll only be shipping new translations from transifex once a quarter. And in most cases we don’t do release patch releases for older release lines.

I’m thinking if we had a tool that could allow you to manually pull the latest translation - either in your vendor folder or into your own project codebase - that might make it easier to ship new translations. That might also provide more of an incentive for people to contribute translations to transifex.

Alternatively, we could get some sort of CI/CD pipeline that magically pulls in the latest translations on a regular basis and tag new patch releases if new strings have been added. But that would be a much more involved process with a lot of other questions.

I would like to know:

  • How much of a problem is this for you? (e.g. Can you easily think of a bug fix or a features you think would be more important than this?)
  • If a tool to pull translations existed, would you use it?
  • Would you be more inclined to contribute translations if you could promptly get them in your project?
  • Can you think of alternative approaches to achieve this objective?