Questions about file permissions when uploading site

I’m not used to web development. I’m more used to C++. So I would be really greatfull for help here or if someone could point me in the right direction.

  1. What file permissions should I set for the assets file folder? My local version have the file permission 664 set to files that are upploaded through the CMS. Is that correct?

  2. Also, do I need to check the file permissions for the Silverstripe vendor folder or are those set in correct way by default?

  3. The public/index.php should be set to 600 right?

  4. The .env file should be set to 600?

  5. I’m using cyberduck. Have I understood it correctly that Cyberduck uploading the files with the file permissions that I have on my local computer? (I know this question is off topic here)