Remove ',' character from tagfield as a seprator

in tagfield module the key of ‘,’ used for tag seprator, im using silverstrip 4 in persian. in our language the key of ‘,’ is a alphabetic character ‘و’. how can i fix this function from tagfield module?

Where do you need to change it? If it’s in the front-end, in the post summary for example, then you can just override the template, since that’s where the separator between the tags is added. (In that example it’s in the template). You might also find the comma is used in to separate author names.

It’s used in backend, only for tags and category (in blogpost pages)

Ah, I understand now. So when you are typing, you get multiple tags when you press the character.

This is not dissimilar to an old issue on the tagfield which used to have the same behaviour when the space key was pressed.

I don’t know of a way around it at the moment. I’ve raised an issue on the tagfield though, so hopefully a solution will be forthcoming!

The issue is here if you would like to follow it: Enhancement: Make the separator key user-configurable · Issue #139 · silverstripe/silverstripe-tagfield · GitHub

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