Render individual elemental content blocks

The Elemental module docs say

In your page type layout template use $ElementalArea to render the elements to the page (in place of $Content ).

Is there a way to render individual elements? Getting them by index would be fine, but getting by title would be great.

I started to explore this and got stuck with trying to call a static function defined in the Page class of app/src/Page.php from How do I refer to the Page class from inside

On the template call $OwnerPage to access the Page scope.
eg. $OwnerPage.MyFunction in the template. If you are inside the ElementalControllers loop you would need to use $Top.OwnerPage.MyFunction or $Up.OwnerPage.MyFunction to navigate scope.

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I also pinged the Elemental devs and it seems I had a misconception of the whole idea of the module