Replace swiftmailer with submit to webhook

Silverstripe Version: 4.9


I’ve been searching and not finding an answer to this, but it seems common.
Our site has a Contact US page which is supposed to send email.

Is there a straight-forward process to configure the form that so instead it does a POST to a webhook (Zapier, Azure Function, CRM inbound API, etc… )


Tough to be too specific without knowing more about how the contact form is coded… but, yes, it should be relatively straightforward to put some logic in the form submission handler that sends a POST request using (eg.) Guzzle rather than sending an email.

Thanks @Tim, you are telling me what I’m looking for. You can’t “configure” this in a low-code\no-code way (say in a Form Submission settings page), you need to modify the PHP directly. ty!