Revitalise the Developer Directory

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The Silverstripe developer directory has been a valuable resource in the past, but since the move away from the old forum, and some of the community features on the .org site it seems to be a bit neglected.

I believe it’s still a valuable resource and would like to see it refreshed. I’m not sure what the full feature set would need to be in terms of the account management, I’m imagining a standalone site, maybe a subdomain of .org. We could probably just use an SSO system similar to that used on the forum (where you can log in via Github, etc.), and I believe there’s a common header / navigation that can be pulled in for consistency.

I’m happy to be involved from a ‘community’ perspective, and will be glad to contribute to the project on an open-source basis, but it would be good to have some direction from the core team / SS marketing in terms of how closely aligned to Silverstripe this is.