RFC to remove branch aliases (approved)

Hi folks.

We’re considering to remove branch aliases from the recipes because they require some extra work every time we prepare a new release.

E.g. in the recipe-core we now have 4.x-dev branch, which has an alias for 4.6.x-dev.
Some day in the future, when we create the actual separate 4.6 branch on GitHub, we’ll have to patch that alias to become 4.7.x-dev.

However, my guess is that nobody actually would use those aliases in real life. Otherwise, if someone wants to play with unreleased minor versions, they could simply go with 4.x-dev instead.

If anyone uses those for any reasons, would you be able to tell a bit about the reasons so we could see if there are viable workarounds? :slight_smile:


Did you mean “… or versions, they could simply go with 4.6.x-dev instead.” ?

That’s what I’m suggesting to drop.
IMO there is no need to allow use of 4.6.x-dev until a real branch 4.6 gets created.
Thus, if someone wants to use the branch 4, they should use 4.x-dev and not 4.6.x-dev.

Oh okay (I read this post before but was also confused). Yeah I would agree that people shouldn’t expect 4.6.x-dev to work until a 4.6 branch exists.

Yep, same, it just read weird and sort of the aliases pointing backwards.

Agree with dropping 4.6.x-dev alias pointing to 4.x-dev.

The RFC has been approved and implemented.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback :slight_smile: