RocksDB connector for Silverstripe 4

Does anyone know if there is a working database connector or solution for a new RocksDB database engine?
My database is Percona 8 and now they added a very cool key-value NoSQL RocksDB engine.

When I just changed the database engine from InnoDB to ROCKSDB, I got some errors when I tried to write any changes through common admin panel of the silverstripe.

Does anyone know if there is a working solution for safe migration to ROCKSDB engine (Percona)?

Best regards,
Dmitri Kotov

By default, the Silverstripe ORM is designed to work with relational databases, so I don’t believe there’s any core work going on at the moment for something like RocksDB. A key->value store would certainly have potential as a fast caching solution, but as a primary database, I think it’s a way off at the moment.

That said, Silverstripe very much depends on open-source contributions, so you could be the person to make it happen!


Thank you!
I didn’t find any working solutions too, for a key-value DB paradigm.
That’s the answer I was looking for.