Running Unit Tests in an Isolated Docker Environment

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I have often embarrassed myself GitHub commit wise throwing code at Travis or Circle CI (faster, but no variations of PHP version or database) trying to fix bugs, so why not do this locally and rebase :slight_smile:

This is my initial attempt at a Docker based testing rig, and it appears to work. The project is at GitHub - gordonbanderson/SilverStripe-Module-Testing-Suite: Run silverstripe module unit tests in a Dockerized environment and is fairly minimal, instructions are in the README. It boils down to cloning the above project, then cloning your silverstripe module into a directory called module (this name needs to be consistent from a docker-compose mount perspective), and then bootstrapping tests in the same manner as per continuous integration testing.

I have tested this setup with the following projects:


Third Party:

For all of the above I was able to run the unit tests in an isolated Docker environment and generate HTML coverage reports. I am using a Dell XPS 13 I bought just over a year ago, and the response time is a couple of seconds for a single test, and likes of a minute for the calendar module above, acceptable, and not frustrating.


  1. Only MySQL is catered for, whilst this is the main database to test against, PostgreSQL is my preferred option and should be an option.
  2. I have never written any node or behat testing, and the docker image, via the Dockerfile file would need updated accordingly

I hope this post proves useful, and feedback / PRs welcome.