Saving Values into DB not working

Silverstripe Version:
Version 3.7.3


Hello, I’m having some issues with saving database values into fields.
An Ajax POST truncates and saves, a Full Post works properly.
The issue is the submitted content, is being truncated by anything after an &.

Details of your query go here
The data is being posted to the server in full, however both saving methods via AJAX don’t work.
These are also the same methods being used on Full post.


both do the same thing,

So submitting “Hello my name is John & My last Name is Doe”
Will only save as "Hello my name is John "

I need to check the format of the values submitted to see if there is any obvious difference but wouldn’t expect that would matter.

Any suggestions on locating the source of the problem?

// Include any relevant code. If you have a lot of code, link to a gist instead.

Can you post your JS code that deals with the AJAX request? Are you properly encoding the data? (If not, the ampersand will be interpreted as a parameter separator).

Thanks, spot on, should have checked that first.