SEO module not working


We are having issues with the SEO module on our site:

  1. Google is not pulling in the correct Meta descriptions for each page. Rather, it is simply pulling in random text from the page itself, and even this differs depending on what you search. So, we can get multiple meta descriptions for the same page depending on what the search term is.

  2. There is no way to differentiate the Page Title and H1. Whatever we input as the H1 automatically becomes the Page Title, which is not at all optimal.

Has anyone had the same issues and/or know how we can fix this?


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Are you using an add-on SEO module? If so, which are you using?

Google not reading the meta data isn’t something under your control. Make sure the meta tag is appearing correctly in the document head, and that it’s properly formed, etc. If it is, then it’s possible that Google doesn’t like the content in your tag and you need to update it.

Page titles / H1 - You should be able to change / adapt this any way you want in your page templates. You can also add new fields to the page if you want to be able to specify the page title and H1 separately. This add-on, for example, adds a separate page title field to allow you specify that: GitHub - kinglozzer/silverstripe-metatitle: Adds a user editable 'MetaTitle' field to pages