Setting custom logotype, site name and logout action in admin CMS

Silverstripe Version:4*

I would like to change the logotype that appears on the very top of left menu when collapsed (in admin area). Additionally I would like to edit the logout action beside “myprofile”.
Both above the left menu that can be manipulated through SilverStripe\Admin\ModelAdmin extension.

with this example I can add a new menu item. How can I edit the header of this menu??

use SilverStripe\Admin\ModelAdmin;

class CustomAdmin extends ModelAdmin

    private static $url_segment = 'myprofile';

    private static $menu_title = 'My Product Admin';

    private static $menu_icon = 'themes/mddsz/images/icon_home.svg';

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A quick and easy way is to edit the markup of that area by overriding the template files for the admin. They can be found in vendor/silverstripe/admin/templates/SilverStripe/Admin/Includes/

Copy the ones you wish to change into your project’s template directory and you can edit them as you need. You probably want to look at and for starters.

Hi, thank you.
I’m a bit unclear on where in my theme template I should put these files?
Do I need to make an admin folder?
I tried putting them in mytheme/templates/Includes and ran dev/build?flush but that doesn’t work.

Are mytheme/templates included in admin area or do I need to include them somehow?

Probably easiest to put them in app/templates/SilverStripe/Admin/Includes

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Thank you. It works now :slight_smile: