Silvershop Product Model Admin Catalog Bulk Unpublish

I have setup and have silvershop working fine selling courseware. Is there a way through the ModelAdmin catalog to check multiple courses/products and publish or Unpublish.


namespace SilverShop\Admin;

use SilverShop\Model\Variation\AttributeType;
use SilverShop\Page\Product;
use SilverShop\Page\ProductCategory;
use SilverStripe\Admin\ModelAdmin;

 * Product Catalog Admin
class ProductCatalogAdmin extends ModelAdmin
    private static $url_segment = 'catalog';

    private static $menu_title = 'Catalog';

    private static $menu_priority = 5;

    private static $menu_icon_class = 'font-icon-p-shop';

    private static $managed_models = [

    private static $model_importers = [
        Product::class => ProductBulkLoader::class,

You may find adding the bulk manager component from colymba/gridfield-bulk-editing-tools to the gridfield fulfils this need for you.

Yes this probably works ok for model admin dataobjects but not for model admin pages!

What is it about the bulk manager component that doesn’t work for you in a ModelAdmin?