Silverstripe 3.0 Problem

Hi Guys,
I hope you are all well!
Bit of a long shot. I’ve got a website running Silverstripe 3.0. It was on a dedicated server; however, that has died a death, so I’m trying to bring it back to life from backups on a Digital Ocean droplet.

Im running the correct version of PHP (5.6) and MYSQL. I can log in to the page and view the surveys inside the admin panel. However, I cannot save anything. When I look at the Apache log it gives me the following:

Constant MCE_ROOT already defined in /var/www/old/framework/_config.php on line 32

What is bothering me is the site isn’t in /www/old its in /www/new.

/www/old is another version of the site but /new/ has not been copied or shared from /old/ infact /new/ was setup before old was.

I can however see in the silverstripe-cache folder on /new/ some references to old but when I delete them it just recreates them.

am I missing a config option somewhere?

What is your server document root set to? Silverstripe does a certain amount of auto-discovery of code, so if one installation has visibility of the other (from the code pov) then it will be finding both sets and hence throw the error.

If your doc root is set to the /new directory then in theory this shouldn’t be happening!

So there are two copies of the site. Both in there own folder and apache is set to the respective folder for each site.

Old is a archive version of the site. Which seems to work.

New is the live version. Ive tried clearing everything in the silverstripe-cache folder but it then just loads a blank site.

I think what might have happened is the cache folder got copied from old to new for some reason. (Dont know why) when i try to run on the CLI dev/build i get a bunch of php errors (which il post when i get on my mac in 20mins)