Silverstripe 3.2 routing - changing .yml file has no effect

Silverstripe Version: 3.2


I’m trying to add a route to a legacy SS3.2 website, which already has a number of custom routes defined, which point to existing controller functions.

here’s the mysite/routes.yml file I’m working with:

Name: myroutes
After: framework/routes#coreroutes
    'home//$Action/$ID'  :  'Page_Controller'
    'search//results'  :  'SearchPage_Controller'
    'search//resultsnewroute'  :  'SearchPage_Controller'

The last line is mine, everything else was there before.

Here’s the a snippet of the SearchPage_Controller file:

class SearchPage_Controller extends Page_Controller

    private static $allowed_actions = array("results", "resultsnewroute");

    .... etc 

    public function results($request)
          ...existing code here

    public function resultsnewroute($request)
          exit('Hello World');

search//results routes to a function results($request){} in SearchPage_Controller, this existing code works fine.

  • I’ve created a resultsnewroute($request){} function also in the SearchPage_Controller - however I never see ‘Hello World’ and my request seemingly never reaches this function.
  • I have run /dev/build after updating the yml file, but my route is never recognised and gives a 404
  • If I break the yml file, by adding line breaks in the middle of the content, /dev/build throws an error (which is what I would expect)
  • If I edit the yml file, changing the existing routes, and run /dev/build, the site continues to work (I would expect it to break)

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance

I’m not an expert on routing, but the only thing I can guess is that the search//results rule is matching on your search/resultsnewroute url. If you change the order of the rules so that resultsnewroute appears above results, does it work?

Otherwise, do you need custom routing? Your search controller looks like a standard page controller, and if you have a SearchPage class behind it, you could just create a page of that type in the CMS with the URL ‘search’ and then you shouldn’t need any custom routing.