Silverstripe 3/4 is extremely slow on localhost

Silverstripe 4 (but was same with 3)

Hello everyone

I have a serious problem when developping with Silverstripe. Each request is extremely slow. It takes about 10 seconds to load a page even inside the CMS, but in general all request takes that time.

I use the Uniform Server Zero XIII under Windows 10. I tried to switch php and env from “dev” to “live” but that doesn’t help. It’s nearly impossible to work properly under that condition. I really hope you guys have seome tips for me to get rid of that nasty situation.

Thanks in advance! Don’t hestitate to ask question for further information.

Best regards


Have you tried using a different server or environment with your installation?

Also make sure you’re not running any extensions such as Xdebug that would slow down the request time.

Does this occur on a fresh CMS installation?

As a last resort you could try to profile the request to see if there is a bottleneck somewhere.