SIlverstripe 3.6.2 Dataobject as page with form

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I am having trouble finding the right way to add a form on a dataobject as page.

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I have set up a basic form that I need on my pages, I have tried to add it to page and it works perfectly.
When I move the code to the DOaP(DataObject as Page) It just redirects to the controller.
I am not sure if I need to add a route to the site for that or if I am doing something wrong/

private static $allowed_actions = array(
public function ChapterRegisterForm(){
		$titleOptions = array(
            'Prof' => 'Prof', 
            'Dr' => 'Dr', 
            'Mrs' => 'Mrs',
            'Mr' => 'Mr',
            'Ms' => 'Ms',
            'Other' => 'Other',
	$fields = new FieldList(
		$title1 = new DropdownField('Title', 'Title', $titleOptions),
		$firstname1= new TextField('FirstName', 'First Name'),
		$surname1 = new TextField('Surname', 'Surname') ,
	//Form Action
	$actions = new FieldList(
	new FormAction('DoSubmit', 'Register')
	//Create form
	$form = new Form($this, 'ChapterRegisterForm', $fields, $actions, $validator);
	return $form;
	public function DoSubmit($data, $form) {	

		$submission = EventUsers::create();
		$submission->EventPageID = $this->ID;
		$form->sessionMessage('Thank you for registering!','good');

	 Session::setFormMessage($form->FormName(), 'Save sucessfull', 'good');