SilverStripe 4.5 broken after dev/build

Hello everyone! I’m new to SilverStripe and to composer.
SilverStripe 4.5 + PHP 7.3 + nginx + PHP-FPM + CentOS 7.
I met a problem: after I did two ‘composer require’ actions for some modules and then executed dev/build?flush=all, whole SilverStripe system has broken and stopped to work. There are many errors in the php-fpm log.

Before that error I have successfully installed a lot of another common additional extensions and everything was ok.

The question is: is there a way to roll-back last bad changes in the SilverStripe System?

Thank you!

I fixed that. It was my fault: suddenly I changed the field ‘name’ in the mysite.yml to the name of my project. It resulted to an error claiming that I have two YAML files with the same names: mysite.yml and theme.yml. The whole SS system was down.

Now the problem SOLVED. It was only my fault.