Silverstripe 4 and Silvershop Omnipay with WorldPay


I am completely foxed with this my head is about to explode on something I would have thought would be simple. I have created a shop with above elements and all is working fine. Although the client wants to have on the payment page instead of pay by : WorldPay they want to say pay by card as they have manual system for invoice see image. I cannot for the life of me find how to change WorldPay to Pay By Card.

Any help gratefully received.


This part of the docs about ‘Renaming gateways and translation’, might help you:

I am so close to finishing this it is really annoying only this and email notifications not working.

I did try this and tried this again today see following screen shots of yml and gateways etc.

[Emergency] Uncaught Symfony\Component\Translation\Exception\InvalidResourceException: Error parsing YAML, invalid file “/var/www/vhosts/”

Okay I have sorted this. Seems like Yaml editing doesn’t work well in Dreamweaver or BBEdit so I had to take it into a text edit program and make sure indentations are correct. What a kin pain YAML is!!!

All that’s left is email notifications which may be the same problem so will use online yam validation.