SilverStripe 4 - Blank page on logging out

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doLogOut implementation

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Hi all. I’m triyng to implement a LogoutHandler, but returns me a blank page.
I created a custom authenticator following the offical docs. Login works normally, but as I mentioned, /Security/logou link redirect to blank page without perform any logout.

Here’s my Handler code:

use SilverStripe\Security\MemberAuthenticator\LogoutHandler;
use SilverStripe\Security\Security;
use SilverStripe\Security\Member;
use SilverStripe\Core\Injector\Injector;
use SilverStripe\Security\IdentityStore;
use SilverStripe\Control\HTTPResponse;


  • Clesse Login Utente
    class UtenteLogoutHandler extends LogoutHandler
    • Metodo gestione Logout Utente

    • Setter

    • @param array $dati Dati form login

    • @param object $form Form login

    • @return HTTPResponse
      public function doLogOut($utente)
      // Controllo Utente
      if ($utente) {
      $request = Injector::inst()->get(HTTPRequest::class);
      $session = $request->getSession();
      $paziente = $session->get(‘UtenteLoginHandler.MemberID’);
      $datiPaziente = $session->get(‘UtenteLoginHandler.Data’);

       // Controllo Sessione Utente
       if ($paziente && $datiPaziente) {
           return $this->redirectAfterLogout();
          // I tried with this approach too without success..
           /* if ($utente instanceof Member) {
               return $this->redirectAfterLogout();
           } */
       } else {
           // Se utente invalido torna al form
           return $this->redirectBack();

      } else {
      // Se sessione utente invalida torna al form
      return $this->redirectBack();

A little help to solve this issue it will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance everyone.

P.S. I reported this to Stack Overflow too. For more information read here