Silverstripe 4 Event page for Dataobject as page


I would like to create a webpage via Dataobject but i need to sort and search these pages by weekly, monthly and yearly. How can i do that?

Does it have to be a custom solution using Dataobjects? The blog module will do that out of the box for you.

Hi DorsetDigital,

Sorry, the system there is complicated so I just have to do it.

No worries… I was suggesting that you could use it as a starting point. Pages (and in this case, blog posts) are fundamentally just dataobjects themselves, but with all the nice controller logic already in place, so you could possibly save yourself a lot of time. You can still change the data fields, add relations, etc. to them.

If you decide to build from scratch, then the blog module would still be worth a look over, since it should point you at the kind of logic you’ll need to handle the functionality (eg. the main blog controller has all the methods for date archives, tags, etc. silverstripe-blog/BlogController.php at 3 · silverstripe/silverstripe-blog · GitHub)

DorsetDigital Thanks.