silverstripe-cache directory only contains a folder labelled "unknown"

Hi There,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I’m having some issues with a silverstripe website that I inherited. I’ve got it all set up and working on a simple apache shared hosting server with cpanel however I’ve noticed that the only folder now inside the silverstripe-cache folder is labelled “unknown” whereas before it had several folders all labelled according to each of the subsites within the Silverstripe installation.

I’m really new to SS so please let me know what other information you need to help pin down what has caused this. I’m hoping there is just a silver-bullet answer based on peoples previous experience.


Often the directory name inside the cache directory will be the system user that created it. In any case, you can safely remove it and see if any others appear when the site is accessed.

What are the issues you’re having with the site? Do you know what version of Silverstripe it’s running?

Thank you so much for this info

Thanks for your response. Ok actually this makes more sense as it looks like the folders from the previous host are actually named after the system users (which are just similar to the site names). Is it going to cause issues if now the site is on a new host the folder is simply named “unknown” I don’t know a lot about SS and just want to make sure as the site is used it wont break.

It’s also the plan that the SS static site will be pushed over to aws s3 once it’s create but I assume as long as I specify this unknown folder it should still work?

When I delete the folder and return to visit the site the same folder returns with the name “unknown”

It’s SS 4.9