Silverstripe CMS installation and operation on Azure

Has the SilverStripe CMS been set up on Windows Azure? If so, did you encounter any difficulties with the CMS’s installation or ongoing operation?

I’m pushing Azure for the .Net application being created on my current project. I would like to host both the application and the website on Azure. The website was created using the SilverStripe CMS.

Any information, ideas, or comments is greatly valued!

If you get some information.
Please tell me also.

Hey there, I have a number of sites on Azure and it works just fine. We use the Azure Database for MySQL to host the database, an Azure App Gateway to control access, forwarding to an Azure App Service which runs the Silverstripe code via a Docker container in our private registry (also hosted by Azure).

For session storage, we use either Azure Cache for Redis and run all Silverstripe cache (template caches, session storage etc) via that, or if the site is simpler we just store sessions in the MySQL database.

Hope this is of some use! Ultimately though, Azure can host Linux VMs as well, so you can also do it quite simply using a couple of Linux VMs as well.

Thanks for this - we’re currently looking at moving our ~50 sites into the cloud, with Azure being one of the options. Can I ask, did you look into using AWS (or other alternatives), and what made you decide on Azure in the end? Cheers!

Hey @daveb, we have sites on both platforms. Honestly, at the end of the day they’re basically identical in terms of ability to run Silverstripe. They both provide managed database platforms (RDS, Azure DB), managed asset storage options (AWS S3 or AWS EFS, Azure Blob Store or linked volumes) and compute platforms (AWS EC2, AWS ECS/Fargate, Azure VMs, App Service).

So realistically, I’d choose the platform based on cost or other factors like whether your client already has tooling on that platform or whether your DevOps team has experience with the platform rather than the alternate.

We have always chosen a provider based on our client’s needs e.g. large govt clients tend to go Azure, private orgs tend to go AWS more than anything else.

Thanks @Madman. Yeah, we’re trying to work out the costs using the AWS/Azure calculators, but sometimes feels like a game of “how long is a piece of string” :smiley:
Our team is relatively green when it comes to these platforms, learning as we go, so we’re probably looking to outsource some of the work to make sure we do it right (know anyone?!).

Happy to have a chat if you want @daveb, contact details are in my profile :slight_smile: