Silverstripe Framework requires a "database" key in DB::getConfig(). Did you forget to set SS_DATABASE_NAME or SS_DATABASE_CHOOSE_NAME in your environment?

Hey how to fix this issue??, i have using MAMP/php8.0.8 in MacOs Montery !!

faced this issue on fresh installation, (used composer)

how to solve this issue??

To begin with… the first step is in the error message: Have you set the database credentials in your environment?

Hey sorry, i have’nt set the database, any blog available for the db setup??

I have done these from this blog:

but there is no guide about the db setup

Is this issue caused by SS_DATABASE_NAME ??

Yes, you’ll need to put a database name in there. Then you should be able to run: http://localhost:8888/silverstripe/dev/build?flush

That should get everything going.